BMO launches new digital feature called ‘Card Tracker’

The new feature lets customers track their card replacement process

BMO has launched its newest digital feature called ‘Card Tracker,’ which lets users track their card replacement process.

Customers who have requested a card replacement can now track what’s happening at different stages of its delivery with an estimated date of arrival. It also provides customers with access to activation information for when it arrives.

BMO notes that as remote banking capabilities have become increasingly important, it has rolled out numerous credit card management features for its app.

Earlier this year, the bank launched a credit score feature. At the same time, it also rolled out a feature that lets customers lock their misplaced credit cards to prevent any unauthorized transactions.

In May, BMO added a feature to let customers reset or change their credit card PIN directly through its iOS and Android apps, and its desktop web platform.

You can download the BMO Mobile Banking app on the iOS App Store and on Google Play.