Uber rolls out new ‘Connect’ experience for shipping packages

There's even a Secret Santa feature

As COVID-19 restrictions in Canada continue, Uber is rolling out a new Connect experience to help with Secret Santa gifting.

Now, easily accessible in the Uber app, Uber Connect offers a faster, safer, postage-free option for contactless delivery.


Additionally, there’s a feature that lets users request to receive a package.

“When you need to borrow hardware to hang your holiday lights, simply place the request with the ‘Receive a package’ feature,” says Uber. You would use this service if you needed to borrow something from a friend but had no way to get there and back.

There’s also improved package tracking, with senders and recipients being able to track their packages just like an Uber Rides. Furthermore, delivery providers can anonymously contact recipients at the time of dropoff. And if you’ve requested an item from another person, the driver can contact that person too at the time of pickup.

Moreover, Uber made it simple to access the Connect experience when you first open the Uber app alongside clearer instructions that can help save time when you’re ready to send or receive a package.

Connect was first introduced back in the Spring. Customers need to meet their delivery person at the curb, deposit their item in the vehicle and track the package like an Uber trip. You can find a list of prohibited items here. 

Uber Connect is available in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Ottawa.