Twitter to let users share tweets to Snapchat and Instagram

The new features are meant to make it easier and faster to share tweets to other platforms


Twitter is rolling out a way for iOS users to share tweets to Snapchat, with the feature rolling out to Android users in the coming days.

The social media giant is going to start testing a similar integration for Instagram stories for a small number of iOS users in the next few days.

Up until now, when Twitter users have wanted to share a tweet, they usually just take a screenshot of it to post it on another platform without an actual link to the tweet.

“Sometimes a tweet is so important or so funny that it needs to be shared outside of Twitter, and we’ve seen a trend in people taking the time to screenshot and crop tweets in order to post them in other places,” the social media giant notes. “But that conversation shouldn’t only live in one place, it should be wherever you want to talk about it.”

The platform says that these changes will make it easier and faster to share tweets to other platforms while connecting people to the conversations taking place on Twitter.

Users can share a tweet to Snapchat by tapping the share icon on the tweet and then selecting the Snapchat icon from the list. The Snapchat app will then open directly to the camera and the tweet you want to share will appear as a sticker.

Once you take a photo or record a video, you can move and resize the tweet sticker. From there you can add filters, captions or other Snapchat features.

People will be able to see the tweet as a sticker in your post and can swipe up to view the tweet and its replies. It’s worth noting that protected tweets can’t be shared.

Image credit: Twitter