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Netflix shares subscriber viewing habits in Canada for 2020

Canadians watched more than two times as much 'K-Drama' in 2020 than in 2019

Netflix has shared information about Canadians’ viewing habits on the platform over the past year.

According to the streaming giant, Canadians watched twice as much South Korean drama (K-Drama) content when compared to last year, with Kingdom: season 2 and The King: Eternal Monarch leading the category.

Locke & Key and The Letter or the King took the top spots for the Fantasy genre. In terms of Anime titles, Pokémon: Mewtwo Strikes Back – Evolution and Blood of Zeus were the most popular among Canadians.

While Canadians seemed to enjoy a lot of dramatic movies, a few non-fiction titles made the top 10 list. For instance, Love is Blind, The Last Dance, Tiger King and Unsolved Mysteries were in the top 10 list for more than 30 days each in 2020.

Netflix also revealed that in March, April and May, Ozark season 3, Dangerous Lies and Inheritance, led the ‘Thriller’ category.

Interestingly, searches for baking shows in Canada also increased 81 percent in April over the month of March.

Canadians also watched several non-English language titles, with The Platform (El Hoyo; Spain), Barbarians (Barbaren; Germany), Money Heist: part 4 (La casa de papel; Spain), and The Beast (La Belva; Italy), being the most popular.

Additionally, Canadian programming also did quite well in other countries. For example, Vikings hit the top 10 list in 68 countries and Code 8 made the top 10 list in 58 countries. Further, Netflix’s first Quebec original film, The Decline, made the top 10 list in 11 countries.