Here’s how to check your 2020 personalized Spotify Wrapped

Surprisingly, my number one artist of the year was Beyoncé

With Spotify Wrapped 2020, the music streaming giant showcased this year’s top streamed songs, artists, albums and podcasts. However, Spotify has an even more anticipated feature: 2020 Wrapped, a personalized experience for Spotify listeners around the world.

The feature is pretty cool; there are in-app quizzes, badges, ‘Your Top Songs’ playlists and ‘Missed Hits.’ It’ll also tell you how many hours of music you listened to and how many new artists you discovered.

To check out your top songs, artists, albums and more, click here. The feature works best on the Spotify Android and iOS apps.

If you’re wondering about my music preferences, my top artist was Beyoncé and my top song was “F**kboy” by Brakence.