Zoom launches new security feature to stop ‘Zoombombers’

The new feature is enabled by default for all free and paid Zoom users

Zoom icon on iOS

Zoom is rolling out new security features to allow users to stop ‘Zoombombers’ that may get into meetings uninvited.

Hosts and co-hosts now have the option to pause their meeting and remove a disruptive participant temporarily.

All video, audio, chat, annotation, screen sharing and recording will stop when hosts click the ‘Suspend Participant Activities’ button under the security icon. If a host clicks this button, then breakout rooms will also temporarily end.

Hosts will then be asked if they want to report a user form their meeting, share any other details, and optionally include a screenshot. Once they click ‘Submit,’ the reported user will be removed from the meeting, and Zoom’s security team will be notified.

“Hosts and co-hosts may resume their meeting by individually re-enabling the features they’d like to use. Zoom will also send them an email after the meeting to gather more information,” Zoom outlined in a blog post.

As Zoom gained significant popularity this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the company came under fire for an increase of Zoombombing and has since implemented several security features to address the issue.

Source: Zoom