Microsoft Teams to get new ‘push-to-talk’ and ‘quoted replies’ features

The platform is looking for new ways to take on Zoom

Microsoft is getting ready to roll out a new push-to-talk feature later this year for its Teams video conferencing platform.

A spokesperson for the tech giant recently confirmed in a feedback forum that push-to-talk functionality is currently in deployment.

“Thank you for your feedback. This feature is under development and is planned for later this year. We will share an update as soon as one is available,” the spokesperson stated.

The spokesperson stated that in the meantime, users can try using the keyboard shortcut to toggle mute (Ctrl+Shift+M). It’s worth noting that Microsoft Teams users on Android can already use push-to-talk via the ‘walkie talkie’ feature, and it seems that the desktop version will be quite similar.

Microsoft is also working on a new ‘quoted replies’ feature. Just like with the push-to-talk feature, a spokesperson confirmed in a feedback forum that the feature is being developed.

“Support for replying to a specific message is on the backlog for desktop,” the spokesperson outlined. This feature will essentially allow users to reply to a specific message so that their message doesn’t get lost in the rest of the chat log.

Microsoft has been adding new features to Teams in an attempt to take on its rivals such as Zoom, which has had tremendous success amid the ongoing pandemic.

Source: Microsoft, (2) Via: TechRadar