Shaw launches new Fibre+ Gig 1.5 internet plan in Western Canada

The new plan is available for $165 per month on a two-year ValuePlan

Shaw Mobile website

Shaw Communications has launched a new internet plan called ‘Fibre+ Gig 1.5’ in Western Canada.

The carrier says that this plan is designed for heavy bandwidth users looking to connect on more devices at the same time.

Shaw outlines that the new internet speed tier is a premium product with unlimited data and is available for $165 per month on a two-year ValuePlan.

The service is currently available in the majority of neighbourhoods in Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg. The carrier says the new plan is also available in smaller cities such as Dawson Creek and Burnaby in British Columbia.

“With the launch of our Fibre+ Gig 1.5 product, we are delivering the speeds and capacity needed by today’s super users and data-heavy customers, while confirming Shaw’s position as the Western Canadian leader in gigabit speed deployment,” said Paul Deverell, Shaw’s consumer department president, in a press release.

The carrier says that all of its internet plans of gig-speed or faster are immediately available to subscribers with Shaw’s latest ‘Gateway’ modem, without the need for additional equipment or hardware upgrades.

It’s also worth noting that Shaw gives internet customers discounts on Shaw Mobile services, which includes the $25 per month unlimited data wireless plan for Shaw Fibre+ Gig 1.5 and Fibre+ Gig internet subscribers.

More information about the internet plan and details about availability can be found here. 

Source: Shaw Communications