Google search text suggests Nest Audio will work as TV speakers

The tech giant is taking a page out of Amazon's book

Nest Audio

Text that’s surfaced via Google Search indicates that the Nest Audio might eventually be able to play audio from the new Chromecast with Google TV.

This feature didn’t launch with either the new Chromecast or the Nest Audio, but Amazon and Apple have similar features available or coming to their smart speakers. This means it makes sense for Google to add related functionality to its smart speaker as well.

We know this is either a feature that Google was developing and scrapped, or it’s still working on since this leaked information comes directly from the tech giant. When you search for the Nest Audio via Google, a description comes up that says, “With Chromecast and Google TV, the Nest Audio becomes your home theatre sound…”

A commenter on a recent Reddit post focused on the description says they can view the same search text in the U.K., but that it says ‘cinema’ instead of ‘theatre.’

In theory, the feature would allow users to place two Nest Audio smart speakers in front of their TV to use them as a makeshift soundbar. However, this will likely only work with the new Chromecast and possibly Android TV devices; it won’t be compatible with all smart televisions.

Amazon offers similar functionality, but it’s only compatible with some Echo speakers and Fire TV units.

While it’s great this feature is likely coming soon, I’m not sure I’m sold on two smart speakers replacing a soundbar and offering the same level of sound quality.

Source: Reddit (natelar)