Shaw offering $25/25GB data plan to its Fibre+ Gig internet customers

Shaw's Unlimited Data plan normally costs $45, but for Fibre+ Gig customers, it's just $25

Shaw Mobile website

Shaw Mobile is bringing the deals for customers on the company’s Fibre+ Gig home internet packages with a lower-cost $25 offer on its ‘Unlimited Data’ plans.

Typically, Shaw Mobile’s Unlimited Data plan costs $45 per month for the company’s internet customers. However, those who subscribe to Shaw’s high-end Fibre+ Gig home internet packages can save more on the Unlimited Data plan. The discount applies to Shaw Mobile’s ‘Unlimited + U.S. & Mexico’ plan, which costs $35 instead of $55.

The plan includes 25GB of high-speed data and reduced speeds for customers who go over that amount. It’s worth noting that the 25GB of data is only on Shaw’s LTE network, with customers getting just 2GB of data to use on the ‘Shaw Nationwide’ network outside of the company’s LTE network. The reduced speeds are as follows:

  • Shaw LTE: Up to 256Kbps download and up to 128Kbps upload
  • Shaw Nationwide: Up to 128Kbps download and up to 64Kbps upload

For those who aren’t familiar with Shaw Mobile, the company offers significant savings on its wireless plans for customers who also subscribe to Shaw internet packages. In part, this is because the Shaw network consists of both a traditional LTE cellular network, its network of Wi-Fi hotspots and customers’ in-home internet to deliver coverage.

Shaw rolls out new advertising campaign for its Fibre+ internet

Along with the special $25 per month version of its Unlimited Data plan, Shaw still offers its $45 Unlimited Data plan and $0 ‘By The Gig’ plan for internet customers. Both those plans are available for customers not on Shaw’s Fibre+ Gig internet packages. Prices differ for non-internet customers, going up to $85 and $15 per month respectively.

Shaw also announced a new advertising campaign to promote its position as the “leader” in Western Canada’s gigabit internet speeds. Shaw claims it offers gigabit speeds to more than 99 percent of its residential and business customers across Western Canada. Further, Shaw says all of its residential customers in Alberta can access gigabit speeds, and that its gigabit internet is available to “more than one million more homes than Telus across B.C. and Alberta.”

Not everyone agrees with Shaw’s bold claims, however. Back in June, Telus filed a lawsuit against Shaw over its “misleading” Fibre+ marketing. Specifically, Telus accused Shaw of simply rebranding its existing internet offerings as ‘Fibre’ when the products aren’t true fibre-optic services. Moreover, Telus alleges that the ‘+’ in Shaw’s Fibre+ branding is misleading since it implies Shaw’s Fibre+ packages are better than Telus’ own fibre optic service.

Although Telus’ allegations have yet to be proven in court, this new advertising campaign from Shaw is likely to further aggravate Telus.

Those interested in learning more about the new Shaw Mobile deal should head to Shaw’s website.