Telus confirms it will raise connection fees to $45 on November 6

Soon, all three major Canadian telecoms and their flanker brands will charge $45 connection fees

Vancouver-based national telecom Telus will join its flanker brand Koodo in raising the connection fee from $40 to $45 on November 6th.

Telus confirmed the change in a statement to MobileSyrup:

“After careful review and consideration, on November 6 we will be adjusting the connection fee from $40 to $45, which includes the support our Telus team members provide when processing your activation or renewal. Of note, most customers can avoid this fee if they choose to activate or renew online.”

Further, the carrier pointed to its support page about different fees that may appear on customers’ bills, including the connection fee. At the time of writing, the page still lists Telus’ fee as $40 and doesn’t mention the upcoming change.

“The $40 connection fee includes a SIM card and access to a Telus team member to process your activation or renewal along with other exclusive Telus services like Smart Start, Learning Sessions and the Device Checkup App,” the Telus website explains.

While a $5 increase may not seem like a lot, coupled with similar increases over the last few years, it does add up. Thankfully those who wish to avoid the extra cost can activate online instead.

What’s likely more frustrating to users is the coordinated increase from Canada’s Big Three telecom companies. Since October, Bell and its flanker Virgin Mobile and Rogers and its flanker Fido, have increased connection fees to $45. Freedom Mobile also raised its connection fee, but only to $30.