Artist makes over 100K selling app icons to iOS 14 users

I'm still not sure who's buying $28 icon packs, but go off

An artist named Traf has made $116,147 USD (roughly $154,000 CAD) selling a custom icon pack for people to use when customizing their phones.

As iPhone customizability took off after the release of iOS 14, an artist who used to make app icons for iPhones back when jailbreaking was popular, decided to create a new pack for himself. From there, he posted a single tweet sharing his design.

Soon, people began asking for samples of his work, so he made a little digital storefront to make it easy and profitable to share.

In the days following that post, the icon pack blew up on Twitter and finally made its way to tech publications like Cult of Mac and iMore. Then, ultra-popular tech YouTuber MKBHD posted his iOS 14 customization video with a link to Traf’s icons, and the rest was gravy.

Over six days, he ended up making $116,147 USD (roughly, $154,000 CAD) from 4,188 customers.

If you want to read a more in-depth account of what happened and how it affected Traf, you can check out his blog.

Source: Traf