Gmail accidentally removes ‘select all’ option for mass email management

The company says it's working to reinstate the feature

Google has accidentally removed the option to select many emails at a time from Gmail.

Over the past several days, Gmail users have taken to Twitter and the Gmail help thread to report that the ‘select all’ option for emails is now missing.

Speaking to The Verge, a Google spokesperson has confirmed that the feature “was removed unintentionally” and it’s working to bring it back “as soon as possible.”

Google’s official statement comes after the nearly one-week-old Gmail support thread remains unanswered. What’s more, those running the Gmail Twitter account were seemingly unaware that the ‘select all’ option was even removed, as they’ve been telling people to follow incorrect steps to resolve the issue.

Naturally, this feature has been handy for Gmail users, allowing them to select all conversations that match a specific search option to read, archive or delete mass amounts of emails at a time.

Thankfully, a fix is officially now on the way.

Source: The Verge