Walmart Canada selling exclusive Nintendo Switch Pro Controller and Super Mario Odyssey bundle

A pretty solid deal, given that Nintendo products rarely drop in price

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Super Mario Odyssey

Walmart Canada will carry an exclusive Nintendo Switch Pro Controller bundle that includes a full game download of Super Mario Odyssey.

The bundle is up for pre-order now on Walmart.ca and will cost $129.99 CAD when it releases on September 17th.

For context, a Switch Pro Controller regularly costs $89.99 on its own, while Super Mario Odyssey is normally priced at $79.99. Therefore, you save about $40 when going with Walmart’s bundle. Nintendo products rarely drop in price, especially marquee titles like Super Mario Odyssey, so this is a pretty good deal if you’re interested.

The bundle comes amid Nintendo’s celebration of Mario’s 35th anniversary. Most notably, the Japanese gaming giant will release Super Mario 3D All Stars, a remastered collection of 64Sunshine and Galaxy, on September 18th.

Other ‘Mario 35th’ releases include a new Game & Watch handheld, a remaster of 3D World and a special augmented reality Mario Kart toy.