Chatr launches new feature to let users top up accounts as a guest

You can top up your own account or someone else's without logging in

Rogers’ flanker-brand Chatr is rolling out a new feature to let users top up their accounts online as a guest.

The carrier notes that customers who forgot their or who are topping up on half of another customers can do so quickly without having to sign in.

“Friends and family can even easily top up on the customer’s behalf! All they need is the Chatr phone number they want to top up and the 12-digit PIN on their voucher top-up card,” Chatr outlined in a blog post.

Chatr notes that the launch of this feature is a Canadian-first for the industry. This new feature comes a few weeks after Chatr revealed a new brand promise to give customers more control.

The company has recently released two new credit cards, a new Day Pass option and the ability to top up accounts through SMS.

“We’re thrilled to launch this exclusive feature for Chatr customers. This is about making it easier and more convenient for Chatr customers to top up on their terms,” said Shailendra Gujarati, the vice-president of Chatr, in an emailed statement.

Source: Chatr