Google reminds Duo users that calls have end-to-end encryption

The service has had this feature for some time now but is notifying users about it more clearly now

Google Duo

Google is reminding Duo users that the service has end-to-end encryption, which is a security feature it has had since its launch in 2016.

Although the app already mentions it has end-to-end encryption in its privacy settings, many users may not have been aware of this. Android Police notes that now when users are on a call, the screen reads: “Call is secured using end-to-end encryption.”

Google seems to be reminding and reassuring its Duo users that their video calls are secure and encrypted. The latest minor tweak makes this feature more visible to users, and can help them feel safe when making calls to loved ones.

This comes as privacy concerns surrounding video calling have been heightened amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and Google may be trying to win over some users from competing services by advertising this feature.

Google Duo is also rolling out new features to let users send emojis to each other. Before the update, users could only send hearts but now you can send 10 different emojis, including a thumbs up and prayer hands.

Source: Android Police