Adventure game ‘The Gardens Between’ arrives in open beta for Android

The game will launch this summer on Android

The Gardens Between

Adventure puzzle game The Gardens Between is now available through a global open beta for Android.

Made by Voxel Agents, The Gardens Between follows the story of two best friends as they traverse a surreal world full of garden islands. The global open beta is open everywhere except the U.S. However, when the game launches this summer, it will come to the U.S. as well as to Google Play Pass, which currently isn’t available in Canada.

Much of the gameplay in The Gardens Between revolves around the manipulation of time. Players will need to run time forward and backward to help solve the puzzle of each island and open the path forward for the main characters.

The game boasts beautiful visuals as well with a cartoony aesthetic and smooth animations.

The Gardens Between requires Android version 7.0 or newer, 2.5GB of RAM and at least 500MB of storage space. Voxel Agents recommend using a high-end device from 2017 or later for the best experience.

To play The Gardens Between, you’ll need to join the beta first and then download it from the Google Play Store. It costs $6.99 on Android in Canada.

Additionally, you can play The Gardens Between on iOS for $6.99, Mac for $27.99, Steam for $22.79, Nintendo Store for $24.99, PlayStation Store for $26.99 and the Microsoft Store for $25.99. It’s also available through Microsoft’s excellent Game Pass subscription on Xbox and PC.

You can learn more about The Gardens Between here.