Leak suggests Spotify working on ‘Offline User Mix’ to rival YouTube Music

This is a pretty cool feature, but it's unclear how many people will actually use it

It looks like Spotify is adding one YouTube Music’s coolest features, the platform’s ‘Offline Mixtape’ playlist.

Spotify’s version is called ‘Offline User Mix,’ according to leaked images from Jane Wong. In the leak, the feature is described as ‘your offline mix tailored for you.’ My guess is that it will automatically download a selection of songs for every user in case they use all their data or end up somewhere with no cell service and no downloaded music.

With YouTube Music, the Offline Mixtape playlist is limited to 100 songs, but you can also enable a feature called ‘Smart downloads’ that automatically downloads another 400 songs for you.

Neither of these features are perfect, but they’re a nice backup. Generally, Wong leaks app features roughly c10 to 30 days before they’re released, so hopefully, Spotify releases this feature soon.

Source: @wongmjane