Outlook for Windows to get cloud support for email signatures soon

The functionality will roll out in a new update being released next month

Outlook for Windows will be getting cloud support for email signatures through a new update that is being released in June.

This means that users’ email signatures will be synched across all of their devices. Outlook users have been requesting this functionality for quite some time now.

Microsoft previously stated that it was thinking about implementing some form of sync support for email signatures last year in September, and the tech giant is finally preparing to roll it out soon.

The functionality will be useful for many users who have had to find custom ways to match their Outlook signature across their devices.

Microsoft has recently been taking steps to make Outlook more up-to-date in terms of its features, as the company rolled out a Gmail-like text prediction tool for the service’s web platform. Users can now press the ‘Tab’ button on their keyboard to automatically complete what they’re typing when a text prediction appears.

Source: Microsoft Via: The Verge