Marvel’s Iron Man VR is suiting up for its July release with a PSVR bundle

Unlock exclusive items in the full game by playing the extended demo

Iron Man VR

Marvel’s Iron Man VR is getting a hardware bundle to accompany its July 3rd release.

The package includes a copy of the game, a PlayStation VR headset, a PlayStation Camera and two PlayStation Move motion controllers. Preorders for the bundle are currently available for $449.99 CAD.

Marvel’s Iron Man VR was initially slated for 2019, but Marvel would later adjust the game’s debut to 2020.

This wouldn’t be the game’s first delay, either. Later that year the title was set to release on February 28th before being delayed again to May 15th due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Next, the game would be delayed indefinitely before finally being confirmed for a July 3rd release.

Current owners of PlayStation’s VR headset aren’t being left in the dust either. As a part of the announcement, Marvel’s Iron Man VR is getting a demo, which you can download at this link.

PSVR owners can play through a small slice of the game, which includes a ‘Malibu’ tutorial and an ‘Out of the Blue’ Stark Jet gameplay mission. There’s also a flight challenge optional mission and an advanced combat challenge.

By downloading and playing the free demo, an exclusive ‘Molten Lava Armor Deco’ is unlocked when you start up the full game.

Marvel’s Iron Man VR is set to launch on PS4 this summer on July 3rd.

Image credit: PlayStation

Source: PlayStation Blog