Leaks suggest next iPhone could feature 120Hz display, 3x rear camera

It may also feature improved Face ID

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The next iPhone could feature a 120Hz display refresh rate along with a 3x rear camera zoom and improved Face ID, according to recent leaks.

Notable leaker Max Weinbach shared the latest leaks with the ‘EverythingApplePro‘ YouTube channel. Weinbach suggests that the upcoming iPhone 12 Pro will switch between 60Hz and 120Hz to preserve battery life.

It may also feature a larger internal battery to accommodate the high-refresh rate display along with support for 5G. Weinbach notes that the largest upcoming iPhone model could have a 4,400mAh battery, which is a significant increase from the 3,969mAh battery that the current iPhone 11 Pro includes.

The leaks also suggest that the upcoming iPhone will have improved Face ID by featuring a wider angle view to unlock at a wider range.

Further, the telephoto zoom lens could be increased to a 3x optical zoom, which would be an upgrade from the current 2x zoom. MacRumors notes that the upgrade would let users take pictures and videos closer to an object without having reduced quality due to a digital zoom.

The leaks also suggest that the phones will have improved low-light photography with faster autofocus and enhanced image stabilization.

As with any other leak, there’s no guarantee that these features will be included in the next iPhone lineup, as manufacturers often implement last minute changes or drop certain features from a launch.

Source: MacRumors, EverythingApplePro