Google launches interactive card-making Doodle for Mother’s Day

Google has launched a new interactive Doodle to celebrate Mother’s Day that lets you create a virtual card for your mom.

The tech giant explained in a blog post that it got the idea for this Doodle after there was a surge in searches for “homemade Mother’s Day card” and other searches for virtual gift ideas.

“Giving families an opportunity to connect during these unprecedented times is what inspired us to build today’s new, interactive Mother’s Day Doodle,” Google notes.

There are several different designs and ideas you can play around with to get the perfect card. Once you create a card that you’re happy with, you can send a link to your mom so she can receive the animated card.

This is a great way for young kids to make cards for their mom’s this year because families may be avoiding trips to the craft store amid the COVID-19 pandemic.