Disney+ iOS update adds data saver mode to adjust streaming quality

This will be very helpful if your home internet has a data cap

If you use Disney+ a lot on an iPhone or iPad you’ll be happy to know that a new update allows you to set your stream quality when you’re on Wi-Fi.

You can choose either ‘Automatic’ or ‘Save Data.’ Automatic can in theory range up to 4k UHD, but if your internet is slow it will only show you what it can stream without buffering. Save data, on the other hand, caps things in standard definition so it will use a lot less data. Here’s hoping the company implements this on more of its apps.

You can find this located in the video playback settings under ‘Wi-Fi Data Usage.’

In case you missed the other big Disney+ news today, the latest Star Wars movie is coming to the service on May 4th.

Source: Disney+