Microsoft’s Surface Earbuds reportedly launching on May 6

Considering rumours point to an upcoming Surface Go 2 launch, there could be a Surface event on the horizon

Microsoft’s Surface Earbuds could arrive in early May, according to details leaked by European retailers.

When Microsoft unveiled its new true wireless earbuds at a Surface event in the fall, the company had plans to launch them in early 2020 in the U.S. with more regions to follow. However, the company later delayed the U.S. launch of the earbuds to spring 2020.

While that’s only a vague time to work with, the Surface Earbuds launch may be closer than previously thought. According to information obtained by WinFuture, Microsoft will start selling the earbuds in Europe on May 6th. Further, the Surface Earbuds will reportedly retail for €199 EUR (roughly $303 CAD) which puts it roughly in line with the $250 U.S. pricing Microsoft provided at the unveiling (about $352 CAD).

Simply converting the price from one regional currency to another won’t give us the actual Canadian price, but it can provide a ballpark of how much the earbuds will cost. Based on those numbers, I’d expect the Surface Earbuds to be around the same cost as Apple’s AirPods Pro.

Unfortunately, it remains to be seen if the Surface Earbuds can justify such a high price. The AirPods Pro and other similarly expensive true wireless earbuds offer noise cancellation, something that’s missing from the Surface Earbuds.

That said, Microsoft’s true wireless earbuds also offer some nifty smart features. For example, touch capabilities could be used to control Office apps such as PowerPoint. The Surface Earbuds also support live translation in over 60 languages. Finally, the earbuds also support all the major voice assistants: Google Assistant, Alexa and Cortana and, presumably, Siri as well.

If Microsoft does launch the Surface Earbuds on May 6th, it won’t be long before we learn whether the functionality justifies the price.

Source: WinFuture