Vidéotron to continue waiving internet data overage fees until June 30

Other carriers have also extended their COVID-19 measures

Montreal-based Vidéotron is going to continue removing data caps on all residential and business internet plans until June 30th.

The carrier says it is also waiving all fees related to its ‘Daily Traveller Pass’ for customers outside of Canada until the end of June.

“The move will help support telework and allow people to stay connected without worrying about going over their plan’s data limit,” Vidèotron stated in a press release.

Vidèotron was one of the first carriers in the country to remove internet data caps on March 13th, and several other Canadian companies followed suit in the next few days.

“Our priority is to enable our customers to focus on what matters most: their health and that of their loved ones. We are therefore extending all of our measures to June 30,” said Vidéotron CEO Jean-François Pruneau, in a press release.

Vidéotron is also offering installations and other services to its customers through video conferences with its technicians.

Rogers, Bell and Telus are all also going to continue removing internet data caps until June 30th.

Source: Vidéotron