Lucky Mobile offering new subscribers $20 off for three months

This is a total of $60 in discounts

Bell flanker brand Lucky Mobile is holding a sale right now that gives new subscribers $60 CAD in plan discounts spread over three months.

The three notes that go along with this deal is that it’s only applicable to plans that cost more $40 or more, Lucky is offering it until April 20th and it does not apply to SIM cards bought at Dollarama.


If you do sign up for a Lucky plan by the 20th, you have until May 11th to redeem the offer.

Currently, Lucky only offers two plans that are available above the $40 price point. There’s a $40 plan with 5GB of data and a $50 plan with 8.5GB of data. To get the full data amount for both of these plans, you need to sign up for automatic payments. It’s also worth mentioning that Lucky throttles data down to 3G speeds.

Source: Lucky Mobile Via: Red Flag Deals