Huawei patents two smartphone designs with extendable screens

Huawei is pushing its foldable display game even further, according to a couple of patents for two sliding phone designs.

These patents are a bit confusing. The first one features a phone that’s nearly bezel-less from the front. With no front cameras, if you want to take a selfie, you need to flip the phone to its back where there’s the screen beside the rear-facing cameras.

Looking at the front of the phone, you can slide the screen with your fingers and pull out some of the display from the back to make the front screen even bigger.

The screen is reportedly increased by about 30 percent when you do this.

On the other hand, the second patent is even more confusing.

Firstly, the back of the phone features a triple camera setup on the left side beside the screen. The front of the handset is also completely bezel-less like the first patent. That said, when you slide out the screen from the left side, it makes the phone’s display bigger. This would make the device heavily weighted on one side, whereas the first patent has the weight distributed more evenly.

LetsGoDigital was the first to discover the patents. Huawei filed the patent with the China National Intellectual Property Administration, and it was approved on April 14th.

Image credit: LetsGoDigital

Source: LetsGoDigital