Google lowers Chromecast ‘Ambient Mode’ quality to save data

The Nest Hub's photo display has been lowered, too

To help manage global internet traffic, Google says it’s lowering the quality of Chromecast streaming stick’s ‘Ambient Display’ screensaver functionality.

Google’s support page says the company is going to reduce the quality of images on Chromecasts and Assistant-enabled smart displays. Unfortunately, that’s not all Google is going to do. Users will also notice fewer images coming across their screens over the course of the next few weeks.

The search giant says that the changes should be barely noticeable, but it’s hoping the change will free up more internet traffic in people’s homes so they can focus on work or keeping in contact with family.

This isn’t the first internet-based service that’s been slowed down by Google to help congested home internet traffic. The company has also lowered the quality of YouTube, Nest video and Hangouts so that those services use less bandwidth as well.

Source: Google