You can finally move downloaded Switch games to an SD card

This option should have been available since the Switch's launch

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch’s latest software update (version 10.0.0) finally allows users to transfer downloaded eShop games between the console’s internal storage and a microSD card.

Until this update, the only way to move downloaded games from internal storage to a microSD card was to delete it in one location and then redownload the game where you want it to be stored, which isn’t exactly ideal. Now, Switch owners will be able to move any downloaded game, update data and DLC far more quickly and easily.

Another useful feature included in this update is the ability to remap controller buttons, similar to Microsoft’s Xbox One. Nintendo says that up to five stick and button configurations can be paired to each Joy-Con, Nintendo Pro controller or Switch Lite buttons. It doesn’t seem possible to configure gamepad input on a per-game basis, however.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons fans will also be pleased to hear that new profile icons related to the game are now available in the Switch’s operating system.

Though the Switch should download the update automatically, you can also prompt it by navigation to the ‘System Settings’ app from the home screen. Next, select ‘System’ and ‘System Update’ to download the new software.

Source: Nintendo