Apple Maps gets adjusted search categories that highlight grocery stores, pharmacies

The changes should help people find what they need during the COVID-19 pandemic

Apple Maps is following in the footsteps of Google Maps with new adjustments to highlight certain services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

First spotted by iPhone Ticker, the change re-orders the Apple Maps search categories. When you tap the search bar in Maps, the app displays a list of categories you may be looking for. That list now features grocery stores at the top followed by nearby open restaurants offering food delivery.

The change also moves pharmacies, hospitals and urgent care centres up the list.

Previously, Apple Maps prioritized categories like restaurants, fast food and gas stations.

It’s a small change, but a notable one. Google made a similar adjustment to its Maps app earlier this week. However, Google went a bit further than Apple did. For example, Google Maps features a warning about COVID-19 that isn’t currently present on Apple Maps.

Additionally, Google Maps makes it clear when a business is closed temporarily due to COVID-19. Apple Maps, however, still lists the normal operating hours even if businesses are closed.

Source: iPhone Ticker Via: 9to5Mac