SaskTel continuing to waive overage fees for wireless, home internet customers until May 31

The extension applies to SaskTel wireless postpaid, prepaid and home internet customers


Saskatchewan-based telecom company SaskTel announced that it would extend assistance measures offered to customers during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The extension means that the company will continue to waive data overage charges on its wireless and internet plans until April 30th, 2020.

In a news release sent to MobileSyrup, SaskTel notes that there will be no overage charges for domestic data used by businesses or consumer customers. The measure applies to its postpaid wireless plans, ‘noStrings’ prepaid plans and to SaskTel ‘fusion’ internet plans.

However, SaskTel says that customers on unlimited wireless and fusion internet plans will still have data usage limits, such as throttling speed to 512Kbps after surpassing a certain amount of usage. You can learn more about SaskTel’s usage limits here.

“As the COVID-19 outbreak continues, we are listening to our customer’s needs for additional data as more and more people self-isolate and work from home,” said Doug Burnett, CEO and president of SaskTel.

You can learn more about how SaskTel is offering assistance to customers during the COVID-19 outbreak on its website.

Update: SaskTel has announced it will extend the date and will waived overage fees for wireless, home internet customers until May 31. The company stated that since mid-March, its networks have experienced an increase in wireless data traffic of approximately 37%, fusion Internet network traffic has increased of up to 96%, Internet data traffic is up about 10%, and maxTV has seen an increase in content delivery traffic of 37%.