‘Wash Your Lyrics’ makes washing your hands a bit more fun

Wash your hands please ?

With the COVID-19 virus, washing your hands is essential. It’ll help you stay protected and prevent the spread of the virus.

However, for those who don’t know how to properly wash your hands (or how long you should be doing so), here’s a website you should check out.

Wash Your Lyrics‘ lets users create a poster that offers lyrics to a song you can sing while washing your hands.

It also features proper hand-washing techniques and sort of makes hand washing a bit fun.

To use it, all you need to do type the song title and the song artist and choose either soap or gel.

Or you can insert your own lyrics.  Following that, press ‘generate’ and then you’re done.

Remember to wash your hands, and if you’re feeling flu or cold-like symptoms go into self-isolation. If it gets worse, call your physician.

Finally, try your best not to panic. For more information about COVID-19 in Canada, check out the government’s website here.

Source: Wash Your Lyrics