Samsung has a special Thom Browne edition of the Galaxy Z Flip

This bundle seems to come with headphones and a watch as well

Before its Unpacked event on February 11th, a special edition Galaxy Z Flip has leaked with Thom Browne branding.

This special edition was created by the New York Fashion designer Thom Browne and comes with a ton of extra gear, according to the leaker Ishan Agarwal.

So far, we’ve seen the phone in purple and black clour schemes, but in this leak, the phone is grey or silver with a tri-tone stripe running vertically down the middle of the phone. The line is coloured with the brand’s logo, which is red, blue and white.

Honestly, it looks good in a flashy old racecar type of way, but this look probably won’t be for everyone.

Alongside the phone, the leak shows us a pair of Galaxy Buds and a Galaxy Watch Active 2 that are also adorned with the Thom Browne logo.

All of this leaked information comes from this super weird commercial that it looks like Samsung is going to run at some point.

We know that Samsung is going to show off the phone tomorrow since the company decided to tease it during last night’s Oscars presentation in the U.S. 

Source: Ishan Agarwal (@ishanagarwal24)