Google’s Android app economy generates $650 million in revenue for Canada

Its combined services and products generated an estimated $23 billion CAD in economic activity in 2019

Google’s Android app economy generates $650 million CAD in revenue for Canadian developers and supports 199,000 jobs, according to a new report.

The report, which was commissioned by Google and conducted by Public First, explores how the tech giant’s services and advertising affect the Canadian economy.

The study concluded that Google’s search and advertising products generated an estimated $23 billion CAD in economic activity for more than 500,000 businesses in Canada in 2019.

This is a total impact equivalent to approximately 1.1 percent of Canada’s entire gross domestic product (GDP), which is the equivalent of supporting 240,000 job, according to the study.

The report elaborates on these numbers and says that Google Search and Ads are supporting $1.7 billion in exports for the Canadian economy. Further, the study notes that there are 160,000 YouTube creators in the country, which supports around 28,000 jobs.

Google is not only supporting the economy through jobs and revenue, as the report shows that it saves Canadians’ time as well. For instance, the report found that Google Search and G Suit are saving Canadian workers over 300 million hours a year.

Further, 75 percent of Canadian businesses said that the online search engine was an important way that customers and clients found them.

Google is ready to expand its impact on the Canadian economy, by opening three more office locations in Toronto, Montreal and Waterloo. The tech giant hopes to employ up to 5,000 employees at all of its locations in Canada.