Watch Montreal Transit drift its electric bus on a frozen lake

This isn't your regular Tuesday morning commute

Forget the new F9 trailer; this video of an electric bus in Montreal is all the drifting you need in your life.

We report a lot on electric buses at MobileSyrup, but nothing brings me as much joy as watching this Montreal Transit electric bus drift on a frozen lake.

You can find all of the videos on the ‘stminfo‘ Instagram account saved as a story along the top of the page.

The videos aren’t just making a case for why the movie Speed should have taken place in Montreal, but rather, serve as a showcase of how much the new electric bus can handle.

There are ice tests, snow tests, brake tests and hill tests, but really, as I said before, we’re just here to watch a bus pull of better drifts than we ever imagined possible.

The City of Montreal announced in November that it was beginning to electrify its bus fleet. This first vehicle is the city’s test bus and it comes from the Canadian manufacturer New Flyer. This makes sense because there’s no way an American bus would be able to skate like this.

Source: stminfo (@stminfo)