Samsung’s Galaxy Home Mini smart speaker set to launch this year

There's no word on pricing yet

Samsung’s Bixby might be making its way to a home speaker with the Galaxy Home Mini, according to the CEO of Samsung’s consumer electronics division.

Hyunsuk Kim, the CEO of consumer electronics at Samsung, told Bloomberg that the company is preparing to release the Home Mini in early 2020. Samsung previously showed off the Galaxy Home last year at CES as well.

The report says that Samsung sees the Home Mini as a hub that is able to control other Samsung products that people have in their homes.

Samsung has been including its digital assistant into its recent TVs and sound bars and has made the service work alongside other connected devices from the manufacturer such as smart fridges and washing machines.

The tech giant has been testing the Galaxy Home Mini in its home country, South Korea, after it launched a beta program last August.

Samsung has not specified any details about pricing or an exact release date yet. Once it does release, it’ll have to compete with Google’s Home Mini and Amazon’s Echo Dot.

Image credit: Samsung

Source: Bloomberg, CNET

Update 07/01/20: The article was updated to include information about the smart speaker’s appearance at CES last year.