LG patent showcases attachable dual screen that turns to a tablet

It is unclear if this will ever come to fruition

LG is working on another smartphone with an attachable dual screen. This handset, however, seems more like a tablet than the LG G8X Dual Screen. 

LetsGoDigital discovered a patent showcasing an LG smartphone that can fold out into a tablet to give users more space. Reportedly, the handset will be able to sit in the display case but also sit outside of it with a connector.

The outside connection will let the device become more tablet-like. An issue with the previous Dual Screen is that when it unfolded users still couldn’t use the device as a tablet, it was obviously two separate displays. This connection feature should let the phone work as one cohesive tablet-like device.

  1. A benefit to an attachment like this is that users will get the full tablet-like experience, but can remove the Dual Screen when they want a smaller device.

It’s important to note that not all patents come to fruition, and this smartphone may never see the light of day.

Source: LetsGoDigital