LG shows off giant fridge-sized indoor greenhouse

This is one of the first whacky CES gadgets we'll see in 2020

LG says its using its appliance expertise to build an indoor ‘vegetable cultivator.’

There isn’t a ton of information regarding this giant machine, but it is an interesting machine. It uses advanced light, temperature and water controls plus convenient all-in-one seed packages and a growth-monitoring app.

One aspect of the machine that LG highlights in its press release is its non-circulating water supply technology. You use pre-packaged seeds in the device so it knows what’s planted in each section and can supply the perfect amount of water to it.

LG says this “prevents algae growth and inhibits unpleasant odours,” in its press release.

The pre-packed seeds are bundles with peat moss and fertilizer to make sure they’re grown in an ideal condition.

Still, I wish LG shared more about this device. In the images, it seems like you can only grow food in half of it which doesn’t look very large. The other side seems to house the components for the device, which makes it larger than a fridge. LG plans to answer all of these questions at CES 2020. MobileSyrup will be on the ground so we’ll try to learn more during the show.

Source: LG