Transport Canada clears Santa for take-off, reminds drivers of safe practices on the road

Help ensure that everyone gets around safely during the holidays

winter driving

Kids across Canada can rejoice: the country’s transport authority has officially cleared Santa to fly on Christmas Eve to deliver presents.

Beyond being a fun little Christmas announcement, Transport Canada also took the opportunity to remind Canadians of how to be safe while driving during the holidays.

As always, authorities say people shouldn’t drive under the influence or while being distracted. In addition to the obvious cellphone use from behind the wheel, the RCMP says distracted driving can also include reading, eating, personal grooming, changing the radio, smoking and more.

Moreover, Transport Canada says to make sure all passengers and goods are secure in vehicles, whether that’s through seatbelts, car seats and the like. Further, drivers are advised that not all vehicles have the same features, like driver assistance systems. Therefore, drivers should consult the owner’s manual or manufacturer’s website for more information.

Even still, driver assistant technologies can’t replace drivers, so Transport Canada advises people to stay focused on the road, especially when factoring in any weather conditions. On that note, Transport Canada has a list of 10 ways to prevent problems that can occur when driving during winter weather.

Meanwhile, families can keep up with Santa’s sleigh path using the NORAD Tracks Santa website.

Image credit: Flickr — Mister Marken

Source: Transport Canada