Tesla code hints towards Model 3 with 100kWh battery, Ludicrous Mode

The leaked code also points towards new wheel options

Tesla Model 3 red and grey

Leaked code suggests that Tesla’s Model 3 might be getting a number of improvements such as a 100kWh battery and ‘Ludicrous Mode.’

The improved battery would get the Model 3’s range and acceleration closer to the Model S. The addition of Ludicrous Mode also gives drivers access to a 10 percent boost to the vehicle’s acceleration.

These leaks come from popular code sleuth Green (@greentheonly) who posted the code references on Twitter.

The leak also suggests a possible “base plus AWD” trim level along with new wheel options. They also point towards in-house tire pressure sensors, which have since been confirmed. Additionally, there may be changes in software as the leaks suggest that Tesla is moving away from traditional TPMS sensors in favour of its own BLE sensors.

Since these are simply leaks, there’s no guarantee that Tesla will implement the battery or performance upgrades. It’s also important to note that since Tesla often adds and cuts features, what’s planned for now may not actually make it to production.

Source: @greentheonly Via: Engadget