‘Snowflake Weather’ app launches on iOS, offers detailed weather data

The app features no ads and the developer says your private information won't be stored

Snowflake Weather

Bjango Pty, the developer of the popular iStat Menus macOS monitoring app, has released a new weather-focused app called ‘Snowflake Weather.’

The app is designed to provide in-depth data related to current weather conditions and forecasts on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

To that end, Snowflake Weather features Siri Shortcuts on both iPhone and iPad and complications on Apple Watch. Additionally, the app lets you choose from one of several weather providers and themes.

According to Bjango, the app has been designed with privacy in mind so location and other identifiable data will not be stored on the company’s servers. Further, the app does not feature any ads.

Snowflake costs $6.99 CAD on the App Store.

Via: 9to5Mac