Apple acquires U.K. startup to improve iPhone photography: report

Spectral Edge uses machine learning to make images crisper and with accurate colours

iPhone 11 series

Apple has acquired Spectral Edge, a U.K.-based startup that is in the business of designing technology that improves smartphone photography, according to a report.

The Bloomberg report noted that the total amount for the acquisition has not been revealed.

Spectral Edge’s technology uses machine learning to “make smartphone pictures crisper, with more accurate colours.” 9to5Mac reported that this is typically done by taking an infrared image and blending that with a standard photo.

“Spectral Edge combines patented Image Fusion tech with Deep Learning to reveal more of the colour, detail and clarity in any image,” the company said in its pitch.

Apple has been known to work on its camera features like Smart HDR and Deep Fusion.

Apple has not confirmed the acquisition, but Bloomberg’s report revealed the information came from filings and various documents. The documents also reveal that Apple’s corporate lawyer Peter Denwood will be the director of Spectral.

Source: Bloomberg, 9to5Mac