Edison Mail announces new Mac app, Assistant feature for mobile

Edison's Assistant can remind users about upcoming events, travel details and more

Edison Mail iOS

Email app Edison Mail is finally getting a desktop app on macOS, a long-requested feature from the app’s users.

Edison says it engineered the Mac app from the ground up to tackle common email frustrations. Edison Mail for Mac will be available starting December 10th through exclusive invitations to current Edison Mail users on iOS and Android. The general public may sign up here in order to get an invite to use the desktop app.

The company says some 50,000 Edison Mail users have signed up to use the Mac app and it expects more to join when it opens sign-ups to the public.

Edison Mail for Mac includes the app’s flagship features, such as One-Click Unsubscribe, Block Sender to prevent emails from certain people from showing up in your inbox, and Read Receipt Blocking to stop advertisers from tracking which emails you open. It’ll also support dark mode, Swipe Gestures and Unified Inbox, which lets users manage all their email accounts in one place.

Edison Mail Mac app

Granted, the Mac app won’t have every feature at launch. Edison plans to rollout feature updates through 2020 and beyond, including things like support for Exchange mail service. It also has plans to launch an Edison Mail for Windows app in 2020.

However, Edison also has a new update coming to iOS and Android users with ‘Assistant.’ It lives in the upper right corner of the inbox and highlights upcoming meetings, events you’ve forgotten to RSVP for and event details before the event takes place.

Edison Mail Assistant

It’ll also remind users of upcoming bills, trip reminders ahead of a flight, restaurant and hotel recommendations and expected weather forecasts. Plus, users can customize which of these reminders they want or don’t need.

Edison’s Assistant will also surface reminders at the bottom of the inbox screen to help keep users up to date on what’s going on. Assistant is available on both iOS and Android and is rolling out now. You can download Edison Mail from the App Store or Play Store for free.