BMW targeted by hackers searching for trade secrets: report

The report suggests that none of BMW's sensitive data was leaked


A recent report shows that BMW recently discovered a group of hackers that were able to infiltrate the company’s network in search of trade secrets.

The report comes from Munich-based broadcaster, Bayerischer Rundfunk’s, and suggests that the hacking campaign was not successful as no sensitive data is expected to have leaked. Additionally, the report states that hackers would not have been able to breach the central data centre in Munich.

After BMW’s security team became aware of the hackers, they allowed them to operate for a few months so that the team could gather data and information from them before blocking them in December. The security team also wanted to determine what data the hackers were after and how many systems they were trying to compromise.

The group behind the attack is reported to be OceanLotus, which is a Vietnam-backed group that usually targets threats. The group has recently been targeting car brands including Hyundai. Interestingly, Vietnam recently launched a car manufacturer that uses BMW as a key supplier.

Perhaps the group was attempting to retrieve ideas from BMW to use to improve the recently launched car manufacturer’s own plans, as outlined by Engadget.

If this is the case, it is definitely a difficult situation for BMW to be in as it could possibly sour its relationship with a partner.

Source: Bayerischer Rundfunk Via: Engadget