Google brings Recorder app to Pixel 3a, 3 and 2

The app is not available on the original Pixel

Pixel 4 Recorder app

Google has expanded the availability of its Recorder app, with version 1.1.

The voice transcription app is now officially available on the Pixel 2, 3, and 3a series.

It appears as the original Pixel handset did not make the cut.

Google might keep this app to its Pixel lineup, so if your device can’t download the app through the Play Store, you can always sideload the app with an APK.

However, the Mountain View, California-based company may bring this app to more devices with a wider rollout.

The Google Recorder app can not only record audio but can also transcribe it. Its transcription capabilities make it the perfect recording app for journalists everywhere.

Download the Recorder app here.

Source: Android Police