Facebook, Instagram suffering outages in North America, Europe

Instagram's issues are centred in Europe while Facebook seems to be suffering most in North America

Update 11/28/2019 @ 3:29pm: It appears that both Facebook and Instagram have returned to normal functionality. DownDetector reports of issues have dropped dramatically and Instagram tweeted that things were back online.

Both Instagram and Facebook appear to be suffering through intermittent outages.

Instagram shared on Twitter that it’s “aware that some people are currently having trouble accessing Facebook’s family of apps.” Further, it said it was working to fix things.

It seems nearly everyone is experiencing some degree of issue. According to DownDetector, Instagram’s outage seems to be impacting Europe the most, while Facebook’s problems are concentrated in North America. However, reports of issues seem to be coming from nearly everywhere. Messenger also appears to be having issues.

For our part, Facebook seems to be most impacted as we can’t share anything through the platform. Instagram appears to be working fine on my device, if a little slowly.

Earlier this year, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp went down in one of the company’s biggest outages. It was caused by a “server configuration change” that lasted 14 hours. Hopefully we don’t see a similar issue here.

We’ll update this story if and when Facebook and Instagram get back up and running.

Source: Instagram Via: The Verge