Canada first North American country to rank ‘Very Good’ in mobile video experience

OpenSignal said in its report that Canada jumped from 'Good' to 'Very Good' because of its strong 4G networks

An image of the Canadian flag blowing in the wind against a backdrop of clouds

Canada made the list of offering a ‘Very Good’ mobile video experience along with 22 other countries that have significantly improved in one year, according to OpenSignal’s new report.

The State of Mobile Video Experience report was released on November 27th. The study indicated that out of the 100 countries analyzed, 59 nations changed their Video Experience category. 21 countries also moved into the Good category.

Canada, which ranked third in download speed in a previous OpenSignal report on the State of Mobile, ranked 22nd for quality of Mobile Video Experience.

South Korea, which ranked first in download speed in the other report, ranked 21st for quality of Mobile Video Experience.

“This contrast between results in part reflects the way wireless operators routinely manage mobile video traffic differently to file downloads in order to prevent the vast quantities of video data hurting the experience of other mobile apps and services,” OpenSignal said in the report.

Ranking first on that list was Norway, followed by Czech Republic, Austra, Denmark and Hungary, the report said.

Among the other larger markets that moved to the Very Good tier include Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain and the U.K.

Canada was the only country in North and Central America to score Very Good. This means “our users experienced generally fast loading times with only occasional stalling,” according to OpenSignal.

“Canada’s 4G networks offer download speeds as high as 200Mbps to our users, which is a very high bar to attain,” OpenSignal wrote. “Although download speeds don’t necessarily correlate to good Video Experience, in Canda’s case they do.”

The U.S., in contrast, scored only in the Fair category, according to the report. OpenSignal said that the country’s score only slightly increased but “not enough to shift U.S. consumers up a gear into the Good category.”

“Americans had the lowest Video Experience score of any of the G7 economically leading countries as U.S. carriers struggle with the combination of enormous mobile video consumption and insufficient new spectrum,” OpenSignal wrote.

OpenSignal’s report is based on testing 37,671,772 total devices. The report added it took 94,086,045,513 total measurements and that the data was collected between August 1st and October 30th, 2019.