Google reveals quietest times to visit Toronto’s public places during the holidays

Google is telling you when are the best and worst times to go out if you want to avoid the holiday rush

Toronto in the winter

Google Canada is offering some tips on how Torontonians can avoid the holiday rush.

Using Maps data, Google says these are the best times to go out during the holidays:

Best times to visit the below businesses in Toronto:

  • Bakery: Bakeries are least crowded on Christmas Day at 7am, while they’re most crowded on Christmas Eve at 1pm
  • Grocery store: Grocery stores are least crowded on Christmas at 7am and busiest on Christmas Eve at 2pm
  • Liquor store: Liquor stores are quietest at 10pm on Christmas Eve, but most crowded at 3pm
  • Movie theatre: Movie theatres are most packed at Christmas Eve at 6pm, but wait until 8pm and they’ll be at their quietest
  • Shopping centre: Christmas Day at 7am is the best time to visit a shopping centre and Christmas Eve at 3pm is when they’re at their busiest

Additionally, Google says the three top trending attractions in Toronto are the Toronto Christmas Market, The Bentway and
Earl Bales Ski & Snowboard.

Where are you planning to go this holiday season? Let us know in the comments.

Image credit: Flickr — Roozbeh Rokni