Uber Eats launches ‘allergy-friendly’ filters in Canada

Users can identify their allergies or dietary restrictions in the new ‘Allergy’ section

Uber Eats app

Uber Eats Canada has launched new ‘allergy-friendly’ filters to make it easier for people with allergies to order through the app.

Users no longer have to make a note in the ‘Special Instructions’ section and can now identify any allergies or dietary restrictions in the new ‘Allergy’ section. They can also filter through different restaurants based on their dietary preferences.

“We’re excited to make it easier to find more of what you’re looking for on Uber Eats and are focused on building more features that address issues important to the communities we serve,” the company said in a blog post. 

Restaurant partners can now also clearly identify any allergies and make sure that they are taking the necessary precautions when processing an order.

If a restaurant isn’t able to accommodate a request, they can message the user and give them the option to order another item that fits their restrictions.

Image credit: Uber Canada

Source: Uber Canada