Dbrand launches ‘Black Monday’ sale with contest to win rare AirPods Pro

"Black Friday isn't a science... it's a Monday."

dbrand airpods

Of all the Black Friday deals from all the companies out there, Toronto’s Dbrand may have done it best.

The skin-maker launched its Black Monday campaign offering plenty of discounts on its products, as well as an intriguing contest.

For every $20 customers spend, they get one entry to win one of 50 limited edition AirPods Pro. What makes them limited edition? Well, the AirPods Pro will come wrapped with Dbrand’s ultra-rare Robot skin.

Along with the contest, Dbrand is offering 30 percent of skins, 50 percent off its Grip case and 50 percent off its Prism screen protector.

As for the Black Monday branding, in an email Dbrand joking wrote that people get injured shopping on Black Friday every year.

“You see the problem here, right? It’s the Friday. You bumbling morons are all trying to save money on the same day,” the company wrote.

The solution? Move Black Friday.

“Black Friday isn’t a science… it’s a Monday.”

You can learn more about the sale here.